About MankerLight USA™ (Authorized Dealer)

MankerLight USA is an independently owned and operated authorized dealer created by Aaron Son in May 2020. As a serial entrepreneur and product innovator with over 10+ years of experience, Aaron has been honored to work with many manufacturing partners in the flashlight and EDC space. The primary objective of MankerLight USA is to provide United States based customers with fast and reliable MankerLight® products.

About MankerLight®

MankerLight® was founded by two "flashaholic" engineers who are addicted to outdoor recreation. They realized the flashlight industry faced a big problem: homogeneity; products with similar appearances and similar circuits. They wanted to differentiate themselves, created "Manker" which in Chinese translates to someone walking outdoors with passion and freedom.

Manker has continued to grow over the last 6 years from a humble two man team into what is now known today as MankerLight®. They have their own R&D, QC, Marketing, and Sales departments. They also own their own CNC machines, operators, and a fully staffed assembly factory.

MankerLight USA™ operates in United States and is an authorized dealer, we are not not owned by MankerLight® corporation. MankerLightUSA.com is not the same website as MankerLight.com which operates out of China.